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Offering organizations stringent control over important business data, Core4 is an efficient customer relationship manager that allows users the ability to manage calendars, contacts, correspondence, dashboards, document storage, estimates, inventory, invoices, payments, projects, sales opportunities, tasks, reports, and work orders. Through intuitive design and programming, FileMaker Pro plug-ins give us the opportunity to make Core4 CRM compatible with several third-party applications, including Apple’s Address Book, iCal, Quickbooks, Outlook, PayPal, and

Mac and Windows compatible, Core4 CRM was built over the framework of the FileMaker Pro cross-platform database engine, allowing your team to access a single solution over all devices.

Core4 - CRM Anywhere

Customer Relationship Management: 
Core4 is specially designed to mediate the relationship between an organization and its customers. With cross-linking, you can see everyone associated with an organization, their roles, and their contacts along with the all their activities, estimates, documents, orders, opportunities, projects, and invoices.

Sales Opportunities, Estimates, Orders, and Invoices:

This is a versatile module through which you can track the entire sales process, starting from initial contact all the way through to invoice. You can link single sales opportunities to individuals, companies, or both and generate multiple opportunities, estimates, orders, and invoices from one opportunity.

Optimized Web and iPad Access:

You can easily access the Core4 system from any web browser. For iPad users, we’ve optimized functionality with the free FileMaker Go app, which has added features for technicians to carry out work orders when they are in the field. This FileMaker contact management is a breeze.

Flexible Deployment and Pricing:

Offered as a Software as a Service, Core4 offers some flexible pricing options to fit any organization’s size and budget. You may make a one-time purchase and run it exclusively on your server or host it on one of PCI’s secure servers. You can alternately purchase a monthly per user subscription, in which case you can access Core4 from the cloud.

Work Orders:

Technicians in the field can receive digital work orders. With an iPad and FileMaker Go, an onsite technician will have no problem updating work order information and getting digital signatures to confirm completed work.

Correspondence History and Campaigns:

You can keep an in-depth history of correspondence with each of your contacts and employees , including phone calls, e-mails, faxes, letters, and conversation notes. You can also mail merge and send HTML e-mail in bulk. We offer several templates that have been pre-formatted for all mediums.

Purchase Orders:
Core4 allows for the simple creation and management of all purchase orders and includes customer, vendor, items, inventory adjustment, tracking, status, and receipts.

Calendar and Activities:
With a group or individual calendar, you can display activities, create events, and link those events to specific contacts. Assign activities to individuals or groups, and set up alerts for deliverables and follow-ups keep your team on point at all times.

Payments and Credit Card Processing:

With Core4, you can track and create multiple customer payments over multiple invoices. Through PayPal or, in conjunction with our separately sold FM Credit Card plug-in, you can process credit cards automatically.


Create and manage all items in your inventory with date and time tracking, quantity counts, reorder levels, adjustments, and reports. This includes inventory, non-inventory, service, inventory assembly, and subtotal types.

Project Management:

Core4 gives managers complete control over their projects and team members. As a manager, set up projects with the click of the mouse. Define individual roles and link employees to specific contacts. You can create project items for each project and track the time of each. Keep everyone on schedule by linking calendar activities and events to projects.

Stage Progression and Tracking:

To ensure productivity, you can track the stage of each project and the number of days that all estimates, opportunities, invoices, and orders have been active. For accurate forecasting, Core4 allows you to filter through records and see any related activities.


The Core4 dashboard gives you a clean, simple view of everything going on in your projects, sales, and goals.


Communicate with your team using a wide range of reporting materials, pre-formatted for your convenience. Include a series of dashboard charts and graphs for a rich, effective presentation.

Document Management and Storage:

You can centralize all your documents for each contact and grant easy access to anyone in your organization. For added security, a user may review and “check out” documents.

Data Exchange:

As an effective piece of contact management software, Core4 CRM is designed to link with Apple® Address Book, iCal, Microsoft® Outlook, Intuit® QuickBooks, PayPal®, and

Windows Data Exchange and Mobile Access:

With the use of our Outlook Manipulator plug-in you can push and pull contacts, tasks, events and mail items between the Core4 and Microsoft Outlook. With the use of the FMBooks Connector plug-in you can push and pull customers, invoices, and payments to and from QuickBooks. You can have all your data within a handheld device such as iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry. Each Windows plug-in is sold separately.

Mac Data Exchange and Mobile Access:

The Address Book Manipulator plug-in gives you the ability to import and export contacts between Address Book and the Core4 program. The iCal Manipulator plug-in allows you to transfer all your Core4 events and tasks to iCal. With the Outlook Manipulator plug-in, you can migrate all your Outlook items to and from Core4. These plug-ins allow you to access all your valuable information, documents, and contacts from a handheld device. Mac plug-ins are sold separately.

Customize and Expand:

Core4 is fully unlocked and built within the simple FileMaker Pro 12 framework. Using Productive Computing’s development services or an entirely different FileMaker developer, you can customize and expand modules and features within the Core4 user interface. Adjust and adapt to the growing workflow and project demands.


Subscribers will be given remote access and thus benefit from having all data "in the cloud." Core4 CRM Subscribers who also pay for FileMaker Pro on a subscription basis require a commitment of at least 1 year to the Software as a Service (SaaS).

* FREE 30 day trial of any Software as a Service (SaaS).

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System Requirements

Application: WindowsMacintoshFileMaker® Pro 12
Plug-in specs may vary

Platform: Windows® XP/VISTA/7/8
Mac OS X 10.6-10.9



Site License: $4,000.00

Site + 1 FileMaker Pro License: $4,320.78

Site + 5 FileMaker Pro Licenses + Maintenance: $5,579.50

Site + 5 FileMaker Pro Licenses + FileMaker Server + Maintenance: $6,597.40

Site + 10 FileMaker Pro Licenses + FileMaker Server + Maintenance: $7,635.78

Installation Support: $499.00

FileMaker Pro - Single User: $320.78

Core4 CRM Subscription - Single User - Per Month Price: $45.00

FileMaker Pro Subscription - Single User - Per Month Price: $15.00

Plug-in Information

Plug-ins for Outlook, QuickBooks, Address Book, iCal, PayPal, and integration sold separately.

Demo Limitations

Please Note This demo is a locked runtime solution and does not require FileMaker to test. The number of records is limited in the demo. Should you want a more in-depth view please complete our Request for Quote form so that a representative may show you how the Core4 can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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